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Submitted by Ralph on
Hello Lars, I would like to hear your thoughts about the role that education reform (primary, secondary and higher education) can play in shaping the job market in the future. As the WB's and other institutions research have shown, countries need to completely tranform the whole education system to better respond to the current and future needs in the job market. The curricula and the teaching methodology being used in developed and developing countries has pretty much remained largely unchanged for many decades. It is a universal reality that most of the skills needed to perform most professional jobs today are learned during the first six months on the job. The world has changed profoundly and so have businesses and markets, so why do institutions, public and private, keep teaching the same and in the same way, including Harvard, Oxford and many other expensive schools? Why is it that most successful companies (i.e. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc.) in the world have been created by people who have decided to leave the school system? Imagine what they could have done had they learned more useful skills? What do you think can be done to fully transform education worldwide in order to maximize the use of the time spent by students and therefore to perform better in the job market? Thank you, Ralph