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Hello Mr. Lars, I am a current graduate student in Washington DC, I have some experience (3yrs) in digital media and PR from abroad since I am not US citizen yet. I am present on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn. I use all these tools to promote myself, I even pay for my own website in order to get my name on the top of the first page on Google. I have a unique certificate in digital media management from Georgetown University, proceeding my Masters in Communication. I really understand social media field and digital media generally together with SEO, webdesign, databases etc. I sent out about 80 answers for entry-level jobs in digital/social media and I got no response, not even one! What else I could do to get a job? I am thinking that my biggest disadvantage is that I am not US citizen, but I am eligible to work here. I just don't know what else to do in order to get a job. I would appreciate any advice you would give me. With the best wishes, Denisa Karfikova