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Submitted by Kasumba on
To create more jobs we need expanded markets, because a job is there to service the needs of my neighbor that he/she can't produce while in the process of producing what I also want but can't produce...the whole concept of Adam Smith as taught by Museveni of Uganda. So What WB initiatives are there to bring the economically invisible (like the traditional rudimentary farmers in Uganda) to the global market? That way we could increase the number of jobs relative to population growth. The WB loves to only prioritize "free markets", does that have to mean that in Africa, co-operative societies linked to statutory organs of government is wrong? This I ask because that would have been a way to bring my farmers into the global economy. And why does the WB vigorously go after the farm subsidies in Europe and the US, it’s not proper that the governments there should create inefficiencies in the food market, thus rendering the people with a comparative advantage unemployed. I mean the economies of the west should be producing something else and let us in Africa do the agriculture since we have the comparative advantage.