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Submitted by Saurabh on
Hello, By way of introduction my name is saurabh Yadav.I am currently a student and researcher at EDHEC Risk Institute,Singapore. For past 9 months I have been researching on equity portfolio construction that can track Asian internal demand and Asian export success. I have worked on various macro indicators of different asian countries and build a aggregate indicator that can track the Asian macro economy. This indicator is the benchmark we use to construct our portfolios and test whether the performance of the portfolio is in line with this indicator. The question I want to ask is whether WB is looking for people that have good exposure to macro economic indicators and quantitative portfolio construction. Also what kinds of positions I can apply for in World Bank. As a note I want to add that I am looking to pursue a career with WB before I go for a Phd which I will not begin before 2-3 years. Thanks, Regards, Saurabh