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I am a university student in Hangzhou. Before I went to university, I used to live in a small villiage in a small town. Be specifically, I both experienced city life and rural life very well. Personally speaking, I prefer to city life more than country life. There is no doubt that urbanization has caused many serious problems, such as air pollution caused by thousands of cars and factories; the decrease of natural lives; the overpopulation and the high crime rate and so on. But I confirmly believe that we can use our wisdom to solve these this problems and overcome all difficulties. City life is more attractive to me because it is more active and vivid than rural life. In the country, you have to endure the mess and dirty; you need to endure the tedious life because there only exist a few ways to entertain. You need to go bed early and get up early before the sunrise. On winter days, you nearly have nothing to do except gossip about others' lives. Rather different in city, I can enjoy various kinds of entertainment, I can enjoy myself by different ways and I can fulfill my ambitions and realize my dreams and values easily.