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Submitted by JULIUS OLUJIMI on
MY QUESTIONS ON CHALLENGES AND BENEFITS OF LIVING IN THE CITY Urbanisation is an inevitable phenomenon particularly in Sub-Saharan African countries (such as Nigeria); where the growth rate of the urban population is becoming higher and its attendant problems on urban infrastructure and the well-being of the urban dwellers are becoming unimaginable stressful. However, these countries in one form and the other can boast of one resource or more that are capable of launching the countries into sea of affluence but the problem of bad governance is a cog in the wheels of managing their urbanisation. My concern is that even if the Sub-Saharan African countries have the best urban planners; formulating the best urban policies and coming up with practicable urban programmes and projects to address the challenges associated with urbanisation; this may not likely yield any significant result without GOOD GOVERNANCE. Dean Cira, what is the way out of the mess of bad governance. JULIUS OLUJIMI, Ph.D DEPT. OF URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING, FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, AKURE, NIGERIA. e- mail +234 8034540637