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I believe sometimes when there is no obvious answer to a question posed, it probably means we must go back and analyze the question. Before we can answer is the work force ready in Vietnam, we must decide what will Vietnam's place in the future global economy be. In other words, ready for what? As an industry development consultant with more than 20 years experience in developing industries I would say the real problem in Vietnam is that the government has not spent enough time a nd research working out what Vietnam's place in the sun will be in 20 years from now. Will it be a manufacturer, or IT developer, or will it become a major player in emerging green industries. When these questions have been answered, we will know what work force Vietnam now needs to begin training. Time and Time again governments make the mistake of trying to build work forces based upon what is happening in the world today. It takes more than 10 years to develop an new Industry Sector within a country and similiar time to develop the work force for that Industry. So I believe your question to people should be, 'What future industries should the government of Vietnam be concentrating on establishing here?' When we have have the answer to this question, we will then know whether or not we can develop a suitable work force.