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From my personal experiences handling Vietnam office (international quality equipment distribution), I found most of the employees in this field (University educated, or post graduates) are very young, not enough soft skills experience and specific expertise, not really hard working as I used to expected before coming to Vietnam. They are outspoken (more than average Thai people), and ask/comment for every thing they can. They have low engagement on company, job hunting is furious now and they use a couple of years experiences with international company as a tool to jump their salary or position they want. They really want to be manager only after 2 years working with us. I can see only 2% of my colleagues is capable and deserve for further development as higher position though I also feel sorry for those who left the company too early and still if they stay longer they have chances to grow. They need to understand more of long term business model rather than taking the chance of country leap to pressure themselves as it will not be good for long term development of their own country.