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Based on my experience as an English teacher here in Viet Nam from America, I see several issues based upon the fundamentals.

I see many students getting passed to the next level when they should not. Exactly why does this happen is not really certain for me. Perhaps the students are passed because the school wants to show "progress" to the parents so the parents will continue to keep their children there for in order for the school to continue making money. Sad but true; human nature and greed.

Secondly, the students are always tired. They go to primary school and then afterwards they go to an English School. On top of this nearly all get up very early due to the dynamics within their families, Many also go to bed late. Couple this with the fact that they are young and their bodies are growing (often times even lacking proper nutrition consisting of the essential minerals & vitamins which our DNA REQUIRES DAILY! ) and they are simply exhausted and fatigued while in the classrooms.

English is and will be the international language of global commerce. It is spoken all over the world and is being taught all over the world. As the world continues to 'develop' (in some regions more than others)communication will be in more demand. You cannot have a person from Korea, one from Viet Nam, another from Singapore, another from Columbia, and another from Japan all meeting in Sydney, Australia to discuss any type of subjects without first having the communication skills. One cannot have critical thinking skills unless one first understands. One can not understand unless he or she first knows the language unless one wants the results to be along the lines of building the Tower of Babel.

It also must be emphasized over and over again on how these learners are building a foundation for their futures. If they want to push around a food cart all day selling food then they need to really think (and their parents also) just why the family is spending money to learn English while others are truly there to learn.

I see a lack of critical thinking skills and most of the teaching materials do not push the students that want to learn. This is where I develop my OWN lesson plans that are more in tune with the real world.

Another matter that seems to be overlooked here is that, 'development' does not always equate to moving society and humanity forward. This can be seen in the petroleum industries, pharmaceutical industries, stock exchanges around the world, banking, quality of food free form genetically modified chemicals, etc, etc.

Viet Nam and other developing countries really need to think long and hard on just EXACTLY what they are willing inside their borders to operate and/or sell their products. Accept the good and turn away the harmful, and DO NOT be bullied into accepting certain conditions by more powerful nations or financial institutions.