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Submitted by Muhammad Manzoor Khan on
Dear Axel van Trotsenburg and Shankar Kanthan: The agriculture is the most important sector in Myanmar (Burma). The current agriculture sector is producing under marginal. I have seen Burma's agriculture sector very closely, I have walked through the country side to every place reviewing the details of the agriculture development there. The crop intensification (wheat and rice) around Rangoon (Yangon area) for ADB projects in 1985, and huge ,extended area for pulses production in the province of Mandalay, and as for as the natural plantation of forest in the north. The Myanmar can become a food basket, as there are huge potentials for food crop production (rice, wheat and pulses and forestry products), It needs a quick study, as of present situation, and then a program loan to help the farmers through easy availability of crop production inputs. I have done similar work for the Philippines (assessing and providing crop production inputs), through loan from ADB, it gave a boost to the country. I am ready to work there in Burma, now, if needed. I have worked and lived in these countries: Angola, Burma, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Laos, Malawi, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan, and Thailand]. My work in Burma: 1. Burma: A Review of Crop Intensification Program, 24 January - 18 March 1985. 2. Burma: Agriculture Sector Study, 2 July - 21 December 1984; 2 - 18 January 1985; and 17 April - 8 May 1985. 3. Burma: Review of (i) Sedawygi Dam and Multi-purpose Project; and (ii) Pump Irrigation and Area Development Project, 3 November - 17 December 1985. Best regards Muhammad Manzoor khan [email contact withheld by blog admin]