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Submitted by Myra O. Papica on

Climate change is apparently a major concern that the world should focus much attention on. Not only does it play a major role in the lives of the present generation, but it also plays a great role in the lives of the future generation.
There are shifts in the climate condition in the Philippines and this is because of the greenhouse effect that is happening nowadays. This situation makes the standard not functional since it cannot ratify the fast changing condition of the climate. These days, we encounter extreme heat every summer, even during normal day and during rainy season, we experience strong typhoons that make the whole city or even the province drenched into flood. Climate change is likely to cause natural disasters. The faster the climate changes, the greater will be the risk of damage to the environment. Many ecosystems may decline or fragment and individual species might become extinct.
However, as much as we want to hate disasters, we also have to realize that we are the ones who gave way to climate change. Humans and their activities are the main causes of it. These changes also are all because of the alteration made by humans on the environment, many developments were made and the natural terrain of the land also changes. The effect of climate change is quite worrying. What made sad about it was, we, our human activities were the biggest contributing factor of this climate changes. Due to the various effects of climate changes, I will consider this issue a problem and it is not just an ordinary problem, I personally considered it the biggest problem of this generation that needs immediate attention and solution.
There were nothing to worry about the changes if it not leads to global warming, than in a span of time it will slowly destroy our ecosystem and kill hundreds, thousands and even millions of living creature on the crust of our planet.
Caring for the environment has always been a major concern of nations around the world. As much as possible, we want to make sure that we earn minimal environmental damages as we pursue commercial and industrial development. This is apparently in light of the fact that whatever happens to the environment necessarily affects individuals on the ground, not just in terms of individual health but in terms of sustaining the entire earth’s life as well.
Prevention, adaptation and alleviation of the worse scenario of global warming lies in our hand, if we join the global campaign of lessening the greenhouse gas emission and will help protecting our forest. Let’s act now, tomorrow might be late.