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Filipinos preparedness against Climate Change.

I have observed that most of us Filipinos are not prepared in Climate Change although we see the news on TV about climate change and government’s action plan, many of us are not really preparing against it. We see advertisement on TV promoting how to survive or escape these natural disasters but not how to be ready and calm once it’s there. During these natural calamities especially during rainy season, it is normal to see people flooding evacuation areas, crying and asking for help on TV like it is the end of the world. I can say this observation because we’ve been through this. Me and my family experienced it. I lived in Pampanga, specifically in Sto. Tomas which is a normal site for typhoon and flood from June to December. Prices of food and commodities get higher whenever flood affects our town. Life became so difficult and struggle whenever this calamity happens. We rely mostly in the relief goods coming from the government and praying that flood will subside so that we could back to our normal lives and small balot egg bussiness where each day income is enough to feed us daily.

These recent years, it is no doubt that we felt the most destructive impact of climate change. Metro Manila which was seldom seen affected by typhoon before is now impacted heavily by flood though rain is just within 6 hours.

Implement citizen’s awareness and action plan program.

I believe that although we can’t stop climate change, we can at least adapt to it or slow its impact. It is now ideal to go back to ancient wisdom and nature’s way of solving its own issue.

Modification in houses. I suggest (only if someone can afford and accept this) Houses should change its architecture, an architecture that can stand storm and survive flood – the typical Nippa hut. Yes , we can strengthen and modify it if we like. Provided that the concept of having a refreshing or cool air during hot climate and an elevated floor for the rainy days must be there. Nippa hut of our ancestors is known to survive the hot and rainy season of this country, the wisdom of its architecture is tested to surpass earthquakes, typhoons, floods and hot climate.

Vertical Farming and Food storage. I also suggest the concept of how ants store their food for the wet season. I have seen an idea from youtube of maximizing a small space through vertical vegetable farming which they call “ Risers in container gardening” ( It is also good to teach people how to do Food canning. This is to avoid panic buying during typhoon season and also massive budget for relief goods from the government which also came from its taxpayers.

Tree Planting. I also hope that government will have a strong campaign of planting forest trees that will help prevent landslides and flashfloods. I believe that government should mandate tree planting from its citizens and conduct a strong campaign for it which should also be seen on all analog TVs. There must be a dedicated place to which its citizen must plant trees. Government must command its citizen because I know that Filipinos will follow their leader if communication is specific and for the good and safety of all.

Media’s involvement. I believe that media must also play a big part promoting this campaign and innovation to battle climate change. It is a must to raise awareness and mobilize this kind of program (those ideas mentioned above) We should not only rely on government’s actions and complain if they overlooked us. I am thankful with what this administration is doing to ensure the safety of its people however teamwork together with its people is also necessary to adapt in climate change.

I hope that the suggestions mentioned above will add additional ideas or innovations to the call of the government. I don’t want to ask what this administration is doing or throw negative comments. I also do not want to criticize my surrounding like adding insult to injury. I’ve seen what this administration is doing and I believe that. It is not easy to lead a country full of doubting and skeptic citizens. I had experienced the worst and will experience more because I live in this country . Like what PNOY asked before “What can I contribute to help this nation?” For now this is my share. Tomorrow I know I can do better.