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Submitted by Jaime Emil Thomas Luga on

Our country is currently at a phase in its existence wherein turmoil seems to be a prevalent word. We are continually hounded by a variety of issues that involve corruption, poverty, bad governance, faulty education, natural disasters, disaster management, climate change, criminal activity, and the list goes on and on. It wouldn't even be too outrageous to proclaim that these issues somehow intertwine.

With that in mind, I'd like to focus on these particular issues: Bad Governance, Corruption, and Disaster Management. It's no secret that the Philippines is a hotbed for all kinds of natural phenomena. With the destruction brought about by volcanic eruptions, tropical storms like Ondoy and Pablo, massive heat waves, you'd think that there would actually our government would actually be heavily invested in political reforms that aim to address these issues. Lo and behold, our government is futile in its attempt to govern.

We, as a Filipino people, however, are gifted with opportunities to gather and attempt to appease the destruction brought about by natural disasters. There are numerous initiatives like the Go Green Philippines! movement or the Philippine Red Cross wherein we can actually lend a hand. I, myself, was blessed enough to participate in the One Million Trees project during my time in De La Salle University. It's as simple as finding the motivation and initiative to actually participate in societal transformation.

However, we must not be complacent. The presence of these initiatives and movements are swell, but there is a substantial amount of influence that real political reform in government can bring. We must continue to pressure our legislators and national leaders to continually ensure the safety of our people by drafting and establishing systems of disaster management and response initiatives.

The responsibility always lies with us.