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Submitted by Daryl Abina on

Climate change has been a long-standing issue not just in the Philippines or Southeast Asia but all over the world. Heat waves during summer, worst possible flooding during the rainy season and for some countries, destructive hurricanes and several feet of snow during winter. Encroaching sea threatening low lying coastal areas including great cities like New York, Venice and Bangkok. As citizens, we must work hand-in-hand with the government in implementing these adaptive measures. Everyone should be well informed about the possible and further effects of climate change. Precautions must be undertaken to prevent massive lost of lives and other risks whenever a natural disaster strikes. Proper information is the key not just for adapting to these changes but also to educate the people on how to minimize the effects of climate change. Also, citizens should keep a watchful eye on the government's usage of funds for programs relating to climate change. This will ensure that the budget for these programs will be used properly and effectively. And since calamities are to be anticipated every year, proper distribution of disaster funds should be overseen.