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Submitted by Ser Isidro San Pedro on

There are many causes why there are floods caused by climate change here in the country. Garbage from slum settlers residing beside the rivers of the metro. Poor site construction of houses and buildings that clog water pathways going towards the ocean. There’s just too many buildings constructed throughout the city that rainwater is having a hard time to subside when it’s pouring hard. Another cause of climate change is air pollution. The lack of action towards vehicle smoke belchers in the streets. Factories that emit harmful gases to the atmosphere and harmful chemicals in the waterways of Metro Manila.

There are some ways that we as individuals can do to prevent calamities and contribute to the conservation of our natural resources. Like in saving electricity, turn off the lights and appliances that are not in use. In saving water, simply closing of the faucet when not needed, water recycling, fix leaking pipes and prevent children from playing with water. Oil consumption reduction can also help save our environment. When going somewhere near, use alternative environment friendly mode of transportation like bicycles. Support environment friendly cars or hybrid cars. There is a big impact to our environment on proper garbage disposal. We should all adhere to the waste segregation policy where our households separate biodegradables from non-biodegradables. These simple ways can help in the combat against calamities caused by climate change.