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Submitted by Greg Yoingco on

Climate change is a huge factor in the developmental aspects of every community, they need to adapt to these changes and be prepared for it. The urban poor or the informal settlers should be the targeted priority of the government since they have the highest risk of getting severe impact from these climate changes. The government should at least educate the society about the climate change policies and activities that can occur. The government should ensure that we are capable or at least have programs to make us ready or be prepared in the coming years from these climate changes. The saying “better late than never” is a good example that it is not too late to make a difference to these climate changes, every action have consequences and that’s what we are dealing right now. And we as individuals can somehow change it, by starting with ourselves.

But what should or what can we do as individuals?
Follow simple rules, like throwing away your garbage in the proper disposal area, conserving energy, re use things, or whatever little or small ways you can that you know can contribute to the environment. What better way to start by than starting small, as they say “baby steps”.