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Submitted by Fatima Ren on

I didn’t wonder why calamities occur for unexpected time and place. We ‘people’ who make everything around us, everything happens in our environment is the product of our labor. Let’s think about it, why there are floods especially in Metro Manila and landslides in province even though the rain is not too heavy? Whatever laws, how much budget spent to overcome these problems, if people don’t participate and don’t know how to discipline, we can’t go over from these. Everything is wasted. We will still continue to suffer and probably lose more lives with these human induced calamities over and over again.
In my own perspective we should know how to discipline ourselves in protecting our mother earth, our provider of food, shelter, clothes and daily needs.
The big problem to us is we are taking advantage of what our nature has. How about our future children? We make some predictions what would happen after 20 years and so on. What we must think first is to how we could make ourselves be contented. We are selfish, we want more and more, everything we see that is good in our eyes we go for it to grab opportunities for our personal needs. We didn’t notice that our environment is calling our attention to change, to do actions and to bring back the natural resources lost and fill these more.
Government must take this seriously, it’s nice to hear their solutions they want to be imposed, but the absence of actions is the incompleteness of resolution. Climate change is the big problem facing our society where the main caused is pollution, lack of ability to make improvised materials instead of using modern technology that destroy our natural resources. Philippines is one of the undisciplined countries when it comes to protecting the environment. What we sow is what we harvest. Don’t go beyond this point, we have enough time to fix the difficulties around us in our environment and it would start with ourselves. Don’t let the climate change lost ac thousands lives more, don’t let our lives live on undesirable society. Let’s help each other, protect our mother earth and let’s do actions instead of making talks.