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Submitted by Rosendy B. Palattao on

Climate Change is inevitable especially in today’s age, yet we can reduce its massive threat to extinction of species and humanities. Ideally, it was said on this article that one of the great causes of Climate Change is the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is identified as the human-induced alteration of the natural world. The use of oil crude as energy highly aggravates this phenomena that affects everyone living on earth.
Natural disasters are sometimes cause of failure of preparation of the communities or even an individual, insufficient knowledge of weather forecast or alert, instruments used to forecast weather condition and individual awareness and understanding about this destructive occurrences.
We can start with what we have. Our main problem in the Philippines is not the flood, per sae, but as a whole is the Climate Change. This is just an effect of what really is the big deal.
In the Philippines alone, I observed that few numbers of places utilizes natural resource-converting energy. This doesn’t need an emission of harm gasses that triggers Climate Change. We have one in Bangui, Ilocos Norte which is the Wind Mill Farm that enables to sustain electricity in the upper region. Other natural-generated energies or what we call Renewable energies are solar energy, Hydro-electric energy, geothermal energy and wind energy. What I think, this is the best projects our government can start implementing since we cannot do anything with what we call “Natural Changes” in our ecosystem.
The best place to start a project is on what we already have and these are renewable resources that are pretty much available especially on our nation. Wise utilization of funds and our resources deals more directly to what we really need in our society. May I ask if our government has thought of such thing to effectively provide the cause of emitting harmful gasses?