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Submitted by Rochelle Sibal on

Filipinos can manage

How we Filipinos are adapting to climate change? Well I can say that Filipinos are now a days used to flooding especially in the metro area. Even if it's just a normal rain that last for a couple of minutes the streets will be flooded that easily. People are so used to flood that they will listen to weather and traffic reports every time it rains and house buyers always ask if the area is flood free so flood and calamities is part of every Filipinos lives.

Knowing the government is allotting funds for calamities and for adaptation programs and projects, makes you wonder if it's really be going in that said projects, so even though the government is doing something or not we as a human being should be responsible and get involved in making mother earth last longer, for we can no longer stop the climate change cause the damage has been done the only thing that we can do is to lessen the damage by discipline , the simple proper garbage disposal, planting seedlings every time a tree is cut down. We cannot blame anyone even the government for this we should act and contribute individually in possible way we can.