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In a tropical country like the ‘Philippines’ indeed climate change is doubtlessly imminent. The mere fact that we should be by now used to such fast weather changing events as long-term or legal residents in this country, yet the impact unfortunately is consistently unpredictable.
Residing in Marikina brought me to a so much more challenging encounter to daily humungous traffic and consistent flooding due to garbage’s clogging the drainages in the city. I wonder why it still occurs despite the maintenance of the city’s cleanliness and its strict prohibition of proper waste management.
The filthy river of Marikina is noticeably containing too much junks and are surely did not originate in the city alone. I staunchly believed that the weather condition is totally uncontrollable but the major predicament is the populations ‘discipline’. People throw their trashes everywhere, too much illegal logging, and irresponsiveness of our own safety. I understand that there are numbers of informal settlers. It made me felt so frustrated watching news about relocation to ensure their safety, and it’s quite saddening that majority of them preferred to stay in such dangerous places rather than migrating in a new unfamiliar yet a safer shelter for them. Too much complain about the accessibility and stuffs, well I will be surely shock-to-death if the government will prioritize to put them in the middle of the business district. It’s like this; prior on planning to teach the world how to dance, you yourself need to ensure your dancing capability first. Bottom line is, we all play a huge role in this world.
If it’s only possible to have done no more on illegal logging, flooding will positively be eliminated. If there are no more informal settlers, the government will no longer have to spend too much for temporary relief goods, less death threats, and a lesser alarming tragedies. If only people all over the Philippines take ownership of their social responsibilities, get ourselves familiarize with the do’s and don’ts and embrace the reality that we are all bound to certain limitations, then this country will be a better place to live in the entire universe!
As per the ‘World Bank’s report’, the CCA (Climate Change Act) requires technical and financial assistance to LGU (Local Government Unit) to perform a local change action plans and unfortunately the needed support is inadequate. Also, one of the major problem as reiterated in the report the appointed department have; insufficient number of knowledgeable and skilled staff‘s, lack of management system, tools are too complex to use and more… Our country seemed to be facing such arduous challenge. Climate change is something that we can’t change, but we can adjust to ensure our safety on the upcoming implication of climate change.