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Submitted by Melody Habla on

The diligent efforts of the current administration to address the issue of climate change is highly commendable. Foresight tells us that we must act on this issue as immediately as possible since it’s the lives of our children who are at stake here.

I have read the WB report, and what alarms me is seeing a graph of climate appropriations allotting the least of the funds for knowledge and capacity development.Although it may be justifiable that water sufficiency and environmental stability is dealt with a sense of urgency right now, but in the long run I think that it is more beneficial to capitalize on information dissemination and making sure that the public participates in the government’s action plan. This can only be achieved when the climate policies are integrated in the lives of the people across the nation.

We might need to start with a communication go out delivered by the media to the public about the nitty-gritties of this reform agenda, making it clear to them their role in saving the environment. Next in priority is that the government should build reinforcement strategies that will ensure policies are properly executed. That the practical details are absorbed by the population into their way of life. There is so much emphasis on the implementation here because the heart of the matter is, if the people do not respond to this climate action plan the way they should, it would render the whole “stuff” useless. Saving the environment is not only the responsibility of a few sectors of the society. It is something every individual has an important contribution for. So the government should seek the full cooperation of the people. I can say that the qualifying factor to determine the government’s efficiency in this reform plan is always the question of how well it is able to implement its goals.