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A priority for the Aquino government

I remember when PNoy became president, this was one of his priorities. Hence, the evolution and updating of Pag-Asa and other government agencies that was involved with it.

They were really giving it the attention it needed.

We did see the effect of it but it was in its preliminaries
still and other major issues came to fore.

We as a country do have a lot of problems to address but we need to see more the care & follow thru not just from the government but from the whole nation as well.

It cannot be handled just by our government especially now that it's literally crumbling before our eyes.

We need to work hand in hand and have the private sector have a say on the solutions we can do.

There is a need for a more centralized and concentrated effort for climate change governance.

A board that is identifiable and known that can pass on policies and rules on every aspect of climate change.

The DILG is the action guy but we need a think tank go-to group that will pull it all together and DILG can implement it to the grass roots.

A guide, a system, a blueprint ...that is jn place and everyone can follow for every calamity or disaster that we encounter.

Then i'll be more confident that we will manage as a country.

As for me, i just feel that i am groping with the issue of climate change, a little bit misguided still. Not knowing where it starts & ends.

Yes, we stop using plastics, we avoid littering, we sort the garbage etc etc

What more?

it's bits and pieces here & there. Yes, we do need TRUE guidance on what to do wholistically.