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Submitted by Danilo Toquero Tierra on

Climate Change : Result of Human's Activity

Upon reading the WB Report in relation to the Climate Change, and the preparedness of the Filipino people confronting this issue of the day, queries ad concerns run into my mind.

The Philippines have been witnessed to the ill effects of the climate change phenomenon. I witness the massive destruction brought by the typhoon "ONDOY" in September of 2009 in Marikina City where am residing. Millions of pesos accounted for the damage to properties and lives of the people. Then year in follows the torrential rains brought by the "HABAGAT'S", that really affected not only our city but various places of the country, resulting to loss of lives and properties.

The weather systems have indeed shifted from the normal into the extremes. Why is so? Human activities I think were to be accounted to the aggravation of the situations. Humans by nature has insatiable desire for the pursuit of achievements and greatness, exploiting all natural resource, thus creating domino effects.

The climate change phenomena is not the only concern of the Philippines but of the global community. Countries of the world must and should think and act accordingly with nature. Nature is speaking to humankind, and it was manifesting through the shifting conditions of the weather system from the normal into he extremes.

I believe that nature is doing a massive purging to restore balance of nature. It's for human to adapt to the current cycle of change and to really understand the language of nature for humans to co-exist with it.

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