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Submitted by Glenn Richard Oracion on

I think that one day..

It is truly heart-breaking that our world suddenly suffered because of Climate Change. I could say that it is our fault as to why we are experiencing this big problem. It should start with DISCIPLINE and RESPECT to MOTHER NATURE.

After reading World Bank's Report about their findings and suggestions on how the Philippines will survive from the drastic climate change, there are really a lot of things to learn to implement the action plans they have. I strongly believe that the awareness should start from ourselves so whatever conclusion they come up with after carefully studying our situation will easily get our participation.

The Economic Status of our people also contributed to this challenge most especially those who live in over-populated areas. Garbage are seen all over the place even floating on rivers and seas. The worst part is they even burn plastics which totally affects our health and ozone layer. We were taught how to segregate wastes by identifying which is biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

For those who live near the mountains and rain forests, they didn't even think twice cutting down trees to come up with materials made out of wood. Which is why whenever it rains or worst, a typhoon pays us a visit, most areas in our country are flooded. Our drainage system cannot also control the water level because of our trashes.

The typhoons that visited our country for the past few years greatly impacted our lives. Not only our economic status but us physically. A lot of people lost their properties and the sad part is, lost their loved ones.

The Philippine Government is required to allot a budget amounting to ONE BILLION PESOS to help us survive climate change. The key to survival is relies on our Private Sectors whose expertise is to make our country environment friendly.

My only question is, with all the action plans discussed, how can we ensure that we get the cooperation of the Filipinos to make it work?

What will be the repercussion if nothing happens after consuming One Billion Pesos to save our country from natural disasters?