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Submitted by Pamela Anne Robles on

It is a truth universally acknowledged that climate change is a big deal. Bad floods, heat waves, prolonged typhoon seasons, and rising of the sea level are just some of the effects. While it doesn't seem like much now, what we're doing (or not doing seems more appropriate) to slow down the inevitable is going to affect us horribly in the long run.
Yes, fine, great, we're using the appropriations given to us for rehabilitation after floods and typhoons, but these disasters probably wouldn't have affected us as badly as they did if enough time, energy, and knowledge was devoted to slowing down climate change in the first place.
As the WB Report has said, "Climate Action can contribute to inclusive growth and poverty reduction". Taking the necessary steps to improve our climate condition could give more job opportunities, improve public health, and reduce energy costs. We are so intent on boosting our economy in more "conventional" ways that we overlook the fact that nature can give as much as she can take away.
We need to educate the people not only on the consequences of harming the environment, but also on the benefits of trying to save it.