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The Philippines is already feeling the consequences of climate change.For example ,the landslide in Ormoc killed a lot of people and about a thousand of people effective related to landslide and flash flood.Widespread o mining and deforestation were blamed for flash flood .If our Goverment will not push harder to it's different climate institutions to do their job properly ,this climate program will not be effective.
I think the CCC which is solely responsible for for a number of key functions such as leading climate policy making and coordinating,monitoring and evaluating climate programs and action plans,and because of it's wide array of responsibilities ,the CCC has not been able to divert enough resources to advocate effectively for immediate action on climate change.In my opinion,this department have an insufficient member of knowledgeable and skilled staff.They should hire skilled staff,lack of knowledge management system have been key barriers for scaling up climate action in Department and LGUs.
Although there are different institutions who are initially responsible for the climate change phenomena like typhoon,flood,flash flood that have been affecting the Philippines,however,each Filipino individual must do his/her share to at least slow down if not prevented the drastic climate change.For example,we should be more discipline by not using plastic,use air-condition appropriately or conserve energy.

Question:Do you think we and the Goverment are doing enough to protect our Mother Earth?