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Submitted by Christian Bernard Alvero on

First of all I am glad to know that the Philippine government is doing something to cope with climate change. I just hope that the funds released will be utilized properly to be able to come up with a solution or preventive measures when calamities strikes us.

Climate change is not the problem of the government alone, it is our problem too. Most of the Filipinos like to blame the government in almost any problem we encounter like floods, air pollution and even traffic jams. It is hurting to say that most of us cannot follow even the simple rules like proper garbage disposal and obeying traffic rules. We need to have a personal level of understanding that this country is ours and we are the one who need to take care of it. Public participation and awareness is needed to address the issues along with strong political will to resolve the problem.

As we have seen in the news I believe most Filipinos are more prepared now whenever floods hits us. However there are still others that remain unaware or maybe don’t care.

As an ordinary citizen I need to be more aware what is happening in our environment and participate in environmental projects. This is issue will not be solved by the government alone; we need to be part of the solution.