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Institute the Corporate Fund Facility (CFF) and create a mechanism to curve corporate greed!

It has been an established fact in various studies that the biggest contributors to the production of green house gas (GHG) which causes global warming, and eventually, climate change- are not individuals but the big corporations which are engaged in industrial production, mechanized agriculture, mining and other commercial ventures. In general, all development initiatives, waste and consumerism do contribute to GHG emission on a global scale.
Industrial production’s wanton consumption of fossil fuel which emits enormous amount of carbon is aggravated by unparalleled and unplanned exploitation of natural resources, deforestation, corporate agriculture, pollution and degradation of the essential ecological life. The massive industrial production for commerce under the capitalist system is unparalleled in the history of the planet. Since the outset of the capitalist system in the 1700s going to the industrial revolution- the world has seen massive wastage of natural resources and gigantic waste and pollution production.

Now who shall be blamed for climate change?

Both the media and the church would from time to time appear to issue challenges which seemingly put blames on individuals and households. Yet the fact remains that the capitalist system through giant multinational and transnational corporations- which are engaged in industrial production and distribution- are the biggest culprits in CHG emission and tremendous waste production.
Facts may attest that no time in history had the peril of climate change been felt, except today during the epoch of massive industrial production, its subsequent waste resultants and the reckless degradation of environment to fuel up the massive and uninterrupted capitalist production for profit.

Thus, to avert the humanity’s march to doom and to arrest climate change, mitigation initiatives shall require government regulation to curb corporate greed and sustainable green environment. Radical shift in government role and policies are needed if optimism shall remain for saving the planet from cataclysmic disaster.

But can capitalism’s drive for profit be regulated?

We doubt it can be, but a powerful mass initiatives- a mass movement of sorts under the tutelage of environmentalists, mass activists, academicians, the church workers and ordinary people may change the course of history. Little has to be expected with government which are controlled by big capitalists themselves.
A powerful international movement for saving the planet may be more powerful than governments which regularly beg alms and are at the behest of giant corporate organizations.

This is the reason why we find the prescriptions set by the UN on the Philippines, in relation to the campaign against climate change as a bit weak, as outlined herein, to wit:

>strengthening planning, execution, and financing framework for climate change;
>enhancing leadership and accountability through monitoring, evaluation, and review of climate change policies and activities;
>building capacity and managing chang.;

With this framework, the Filipino people can push their government to institute what can be done and what are the most doable things for the campaign to climate change. We would thus think that the below cited 2 initiatives can be done almost effortlessly by the Philippine government-

-Institute a Corporate Fund Facility (CFF);
-Initiate measures to curve corporate greed on environmental degradation.

How the government may do this?

A congress or a summit by corporate organizations in the Philippines can be called-up / organized wherein each corporate organization shall pledge a seeding amount for the continuing and moving fund. Such fund shall be used for whatever planned action, e.g. reforestation, cleaning of waterways, etc. etc. to avert the effects of climate change and GHG.

Similarly, the government through the Climate Change Commission CCC) shall seek partnership with the private sector forge the broadest alliance which shall monitor compliance by corporate organizations on the standards, laws and regulations pertaining to initiatives and plants which have something to do with the environment, emission of gasses and other environment degrading activities.

Anticipating government ineptness and corruption, the private-public partnership form of organization can be sustained by the fund created from the CFF. Organizations with integrity and good track records like the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), the Makati Business Club (MBC) and many more must be mobilized towards the cause.

The people may not rely on the government soly. Thus advocates and environmental activists must push the government, forge unity among the greatest number of people and organizations, corporate or mass-based, alike to build a common front against the continuing erosion of climate and environment stability and balanced which is clearly caused by capitalist reckless and massive drive for profit.

Cause oriented groups and veteran street parliamentarians may take up the cudgels for the cause. They may provide the core programmatic trajectory of the movement as well as the muscle of organizations for the initiative to be self-sustaining in attracting a wide number of supporters as well as in compelling the government to act on the issue.

A mass movement of sort with an agenda and direction to save mother earth may simply do the difference.