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Submitted by Joanna Marie R. Magsakay on

I am actually amused that the government has finally decided to take action in what has been a very vicious and impossibly unseen major problem of our nation in the past years. Although I think that most of our citizens are already knowledgeable of what climate change is and what our careless actions has already brought us into, the government’s decision and plans in taking action have not been widespread. Taking small steps is good but there are still arguments that leave me hanging.

Why just now? Why only after the four aforementioned drastic, destructive phenomena? The citizens already know what climate change can destroy and we are ready for change. We are only waiting for the government to lead us because that their job; to lead the nation. Most of us have already started helping the environment within ourselves, our households and our community. But we also need the support of our leaders just as they need ours especially when implementing projects like the Climate Change Commission’s.

There are still bugs that need fixing within the CCC. And it seemed like the government has already lost its focus on the commission’s agenda. It currently lacks manpower, budget and mitigation. As of now, we are lacking time and funds with developmental projects; we need projects that will alleviate our country’s current condition. The administration is clearly doing something but is it enough? Or they’re only doing it for publicity? And again, where did the 1B allocated budget go?

We, the citizens of the Philippines, need to be informed with what the government is up to especially when it is for the betterment of every Filipino’s life and most importantly, our country itself. With the CCC already established, what we all need now is everyone’s awareness, a proper budget designation from the government, an even distribution of responsibilities to LGU’s and gov’t agencies and lastly, action.