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Submitted by Lara Santillan on

I am somehow glad that the Philippine government did something to help heal the environment and prevent further damage. In my opinion, they can only do so much since it would really depend on us, the citizens of this country, to help our communities in ensuring that everybody abides to environmental laws. The implementation of the said laws should be consistent and tougher penalties should be imposed on violators.
I was able to watch one episode of TV Patrol, where the host and former-VP, Noli de Castro, visited a community in Cagayan which has an ongoing crisis on black sand mining. He was able to share the sentiments of the people in that community. Despite the DENR's Memorandum to stop black sand mining, foreign companies still continuously mine black sand which I find implacable. Residents had to migrate because their homes were damaged by erosions. Most of the residents also lost their livelihood which is dependent on the fishing industry because of this illegal mining. (source: -black-sand-mining-erosion)
I believe this is not only happening in Cagayan but in other regions as well. Is the government doing something about these illegal mining operations?
Lastly, the previous leaders of our country should have done something about this instead of just acting now when damage has been done. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, I believe this also applies to our environment.