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Submitted by Feliza Urrutia on

One of the main characteristics of man is to adapt to whatever environment you put him in. One of the main characteristics of Filipinos is resourcefulness; and so whatever problem you put him in, he’ll surely find a way to make life convenient for himself again.

It was only recently that the government became alert of climate changes because that’s when they’ve become aware of the devastating effects it had on our country – and what scared them was that it was fast becoming an ordinary occurrence. So what are we doing about it?

The Aquino administration put CCC (Climate Change Commission) into act for it to oversee all climate change programs in the Philippines. Under it PSF (People’s Survival Fund) was created with a budget of one billion pesos to fund projects made by climate change programs. Other projects include spreading awareness about global warming. The Earth is currently at its warmest.

As the Philippines progresses and modernizes, our climate will become worse only if we don’t do anything about it. It’s not enough that humans are capable of adapting to their environment, because there will come a time when we’ve reached the extent of our adaptability and it will still not be enough for us. It’s either it engulfs us resulting to our extinction, or we evolve into an entirely new species. Regardless, it’s not something we want to happen. If we do something about it now, we can ensure the safety of the future generations.