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Submitted by kenneth Sevlla on

We all know that Philippines is rich in terms of its biodiversity and many foreigners are coming here to experience the true beauty of our country, especially in terms of tourist spots like Puerto Princesa Underground river which belong to the seven wonders of the world.
But on the darker side, Philippines is a country which is more prone to disasters and other environmental phenomena like typhoons, landslides, flash floods and earthquakes. And these are all happens because of us.
Landslide buries us alive because we still continue doing the deforestation or cutting trees without planting. Flash flood flushes us because, we still throwing our trashes from everywhere, especially in the waterways that clogs the main drainage systems. Global warming burns us, because we still continue emitting greenhouse gasses like CFCs of chlorofluorocarbons from chemical sprays and also we still continue slaughtering livestocks.
There are more practices that can destroy our marine biodiversity like
• Muro-ami which is destroying the coral reefs.
• Hunting or killing of endangered species for food or for profit by selling its parts.
• Dynamite fishing that uses explosives to caught fish
• Disposing of chemicals from factories to all bodies of water like seas, oceans and lakes.
• Mining and selling of Black sands from beaches.
• Kaingin system or burning of plants and trees of simply “Forest Fires”

Try to ask ourselves, what can we contribute to our country? And we shall not rely ourselves in the government, but as an ordinary Filipino, we must act as one nation because the solution begins with ourselves, we can do this in simple ways, like cleaning our environment, The 3R practice which are reduce, reuse and recycle, stopping animal cruelty, travelling with the use of bicycles and planting more trees or simply called Reforestation. These are simple practices that not just only cleans our surroundings, but it save and helps to revive and to enrich our country.

This October 2, I was amazed in the news about the partnership of ADB (Asian Development Bank), The Philippine Government and (DOE) Department of Energy to transform the public transportation by widening the use of electric vehicles. It was first formed in the form of tricycles which they called E-Trikes in the Philippines , if you compare the difference of 2 trikes, e-trikes is very efficient, eco-friendly, and produces a higher income for E-trike drivers, why? For only 3 to 5 kWh of electricity, the e-trike can travel at a distance of 100 kph. Which only cost 50-60 pesos, unlike the conventional tricycle, which requires 5-7 litres of gasoline that already cost up to 250-350 pesos to travel at the same distance. The 200 peso difference in fuel saving will help the driver pay for the cost of e-trike or either, it can be his take home income, and also and in 2016, they had plan to produce 100,000 e-trikes to replace conventional tricycles. They had planned this to save the environment and maintain a clean air. And also to strengthen the transportation industry in eco-friendly way.
As what I have said, ask ourselves, what can we contribute to our country? And if you know the answer, then we should make it a reality. And as an ordinary Filipino individual, we can save the country in very simple ways, just stop doing the unwanted practices and start doing what is right and what makes the country better and beautiful. So that we can prove that “It is more fun the Philippines”.