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Submitted by Junelyn Frando on

After different disastrous natural calamities that have affected our country since Ondoy in 2009 and with all recommended measures and mitigation the government is implementing and planning mentioned in the article "Filipinos, how are you adapting to climate change?", I believed that the government really is starting to adapt to climate change.

Adaptation to changes is something that humans and animals are aware of and have been doing since before, such as migration of animals and people building and designing shelters or even wearing clothes suitable to the climate. But since a dramatic climatic change is now more obvious and more visible compared to several years ago, it gives negative impact on us and is affecting a lot of people and this kind of adaptation we are facing now is more challenging.

Awareness campaigns, documentaries about climate change and issues related to it, and peoples' perspectives and different adaptations to climate change are all helpful. Not only this information helps strengthen our awareness, but also helps us deal with this "unavoidable change." Given all this help and information we need to fully understand what climate change is all about, it made me realize and ask, "How are Filipinos adapting to climate change and what can 'I' do to contribute or help fight it?"

Climate change with its serious threats and inevitable effects seems too impossible to stop. Lessening or zeroing in human greenhouse gas emission seems challenging. But we, Filipinos, becoming more aware of this threat and accepting the fact that our country is vulnerable to this change are just some ways we can learn to adapt and the are even more ways for us to do to help.

We have a role to play as "caretaker" of this world and a responsibility to do, for we are liable for destruction in our surroundings and that we are the ones who have the power to alter our environment. After all, climate affects everything in our lives and everything surrounds us that keep our lives going. Everyone should act now.

Question: What do you think would be the most effective way(s) to help other Filipinos fully understand and become aware of the serious effects of the climate change and how can Filipinos encourage one another to act on this change?


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