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I have read the Word Bank report entitled “GETTING A GRIP on Climate Change in the Philippines.” I am not surprised at all that the climate change will get worse in the near future and will be a big threat to human survival. Preventing climate change is a long process. It needs a lot of work that will take a very long time to prevent the climate change to worsen.

I’m glad that the government is taking steps to prevent climate change but it is far from enough. Philippines is not a rich country but I believe our funds are enough to sustain the safety of the people from disasters like floods and landslides. The biggest problem in our country is not about money but love. The lack of love of the people in our country is the problem. If the leaders really love our country then there would be only few corrupt leaders. If the professionals really love our country then they will work here. If the citizens love our country then some people will stop littering. Love may not stop us to use crude oil for energy but the important thing is that we did something.

Every people in this world needs to be educated on this matter and everyone should be united to prevent these things. Even if there are lots of programs and activities about climate change, it will still not be successful if people will not cooperate. Everyone should wake up to the truth that our environment, our planet and our lives are not permanent for us to take life for granted. Everyone should care; everyone should step up, not just me, not just the government but each and every one of us.