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Submitted by Lourdes Babagay on

Yes, indeed, climate change is upon us. At first there was awareness, we heard it from the news, supported by reports and campaigns all over the world. Now we are experiencing the used to be predictions by scientists and researchers. Global warming is happening; environmental changes will escalate; our habitat is changing to new conditions were we have to adapt to those changes.

In the recent years, we experienced drastic change in our climate. As what stated in The World Bank (WB) report-Getting a grip on climate change in the Philippines, our country is vulnerable and expose to severe climate-related events; thus affects our agricultural productivity as well as fisheries, and more. Population increase plus innovations that have adverse effects on our environment worsen this condition that we are experiencing now.

How are we adapting? We have to act now! Kudos to our present administration for acknowledging the facts and initiating a plan, adopting the Climate Change Act (CCA), an adaptation measure to help us. We need to push the government to finalize and make this plan operational. Make our officials work, by informing the residents at the local level, gather all the information, make a plan, set the roles and responsibilities, coordinate with the national level, don’t just let them sit and wait for funds to drop in their hands. Use the budget “wisely”.

As individuals, Filipinos, do your part as a member of this world. We all have our shares of ruining our own habitat. Our environment is changing because of the changes we created, now its turning back to us. Now we have to adopt to this new conditions of environment change.