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Climate change. It is one of the worst problems today faced not only by the Philippines, but the rest of the world as well. Without enough concern and actions to further prevent it, climate change will continue for a lifetime, thus making serious consequences in wildlife, environment, and overall wellness of organisms.
What I have observed in my life with regards to climate change is that it is happening everyday around my surroundings. When I was in fifth grade, I, along with my schoolmates, participated in a public speaking contest which had a topic of global warming. Global warming and climate change are related to each other, as from what I’ve read in the modules of my Social Science subject. From my understandings, global warming occurs when there is a change of the Earth’s climate due to greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases get into the atmosphere, which leads to a rise of the air temperature outside.
Another thing that I have witnessed is one of the notorious causes of climate change and global warming: pollution. Gases, mostly coming from smoke-belching vehicles and factories, arise into the atmosphere, resulting in polluted air. As I said earlier, this can cause serious health consequences to organisms (i.e. humans, plants, animals), as well as the environment being compromised.
I understand that the government of the Philippines is acting now to remedy this natural mess. I personally applaud them for doing so, for this will gradually reduce the negativities of the ecosystem and environment, such as that of climate change.
With all that information at hand, I have some questions and concerns:
1.) Will the government act the necessary ways to prevent climate change for a lifetime?
2.) Shall the government also encourage the public to do their own ways as well to prevent the long-term effects of climate change and global warming?
Thank you for taking the time to read my viewpoints and concerns.