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Submitted by Hannah Kim on

Climate change is really happening so fast than we think.
This year the Philippines experienced typhoons, heavy rains for several days. Many people died in the flashfloods and mudslides unleashed by the storm.
The question now here is, Do the government and the people in the Philippines and around the world are ready to face climate change?
How many percent of the total budget funds of the government will fall to the preparation of Disaster Program/Law?
What are the strategies of the government in imparting the ways on how to use the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and what activities that we the citizen of the country can do to preserve our mother land?
How do we manage ourselves in the preparation of climate change?
Even there rules and laws that were enacted by the government in helping our environment still there are times that we don’t follow.
Is the government responsible for this or we as the citizens of the country are the responsible individual?
I believe that we are also responsible for this and we need to take part in preserving the earth. The government is not the only one responsible to it, we also need to be conscientious in every action that we do.