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Submitted by Jem Florece on

It is evident that climate change is happening in the Philippines, it very alarming once you think about it. Various sectors of Philippines' livelihood is affected by this global phenomenon. I like to compare it with what happened before which was the Ice Age, but it is totally more huge of an impact. The methods that the government of the Philippines is admirable, for it can really help at least minimize the change in weather. Involving local government units and teaching them disaster risk programs in relation to climate change is a start. The fact that the Philippines' economy is booming and industrialization can be seen, the country needs to start climate change programs in relation to economy increase. As a citizen of the Philippines, I think i can start the change by conserving energy and know the disaster aide so that once struck by a huge typhoon again, it will at least ease the hardship. Around 2013 various typhoons already struck the country and the Filipinos suffering as their houses getting damaged especially the slums area in Manila. I think one thing that the government should do is flooding planning of where to put the flooded water in Manila, thus having a good drainage system is one solution. Relocation of illegal settlers around the city is a good solution to reduce human risk too.