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Submitted by Shiela Andes on

Climate change is one of the most fundamental challenges ever to confront humanity. Adaptation plays an important role, in terms on dealing with the present and future impacts of climate change. The concept of adaptation has been variously defined. It refers to the measures taken in response to climate change, to reduce the adverse impacts or to take advantage of opportunities offered by such changes. The development priorities of countries provide opportunities for widening the scope of adaptation policies. In addition to climate change, the future vulnerability of developing countries will also depend on their development path.

“I have nothing against those people who keep on blaming the government, on how they handle the issue with climate change”. They may have handled it not the way most of us want it to be, but the question here is. Why and where did it all start? US. From people who do not care about his/her environment. Who do not care on what this would bring us in the future? Those illegal logging, pollutions, etc. It’s not too late. Let’s us all start helping the country to surpass the calamities the country is continuously encountering by starting to help ourselves realizing how can we be of help. We, not only the government should help resolve the issue but we should join forces to be able to help the country against climate change. Also, we can help by adapting ourselves on the possible resolutions on how to prevent climate change.

Adaptation is an ongoing, flexible process that seeks to increase resilience to present and future risks. It is necessary to develop and adopt a proactive, systematic, and integrated approach, which is cost-effective and offers durable and long-term solutions. It is also important to remember that climate risks and adaptation priorities vary across regions, countries and sectors.