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A Better Place for Everyone

How do we the save the world, the world where we live in today? Start it with ourselves, by doing everything we can to clean and make our world green again. As an individual we have many responsibilities and obligations to help our world to become a better place.

In the Philippines, the Filipinos have experience the impacts of climate change. The Pinoy community really feels the effects of this climate change, they become aware in a so called “Global Warming” and this awareness brought us many values in life such as energy conservation, decrease the use of motor vehicles and all things that may help to prevent air pollution. These examples out of so many will help us to reduce the increase of heat temperature. However as an individual I would like to ask and to seek help to our country’s leaders to intense not only the laws to save our world but also the implementation of high security and standards like in our emission testing centers, still now there are so many motor vehicles running with a heavy smokes “carbon monoxide” that contributes air pollution that may cause climate change.

If the rise of heat temperature continues, the land will become dry and will cause death of our rice fields and agricultural land as well as loses of our water and land animals. Imagine that we live in this world because the earth is the only planet that have all this natural resources for us to live, and yet this individual will not participate to help save our environment, and yet our “Inang Kalikasan” died, what do you think will happen to us?

There are so many small things that the individual could do to save our world, stop smoking, don’t trash your waste improperly, don’t use such appliances that not necessary to save electricity, despite of having illegal loggings why not to plants trees, despite of having illegal fishing, why not to save our coral reefs and plant mangroves to produce more fishes and many many whys? Do you have concerns to answer all those questions, concern to be one of us who are crying for those families who died in floods, soil erosion, typhoons and other climate disasters?

As one, we can help our society to bring a new world, a new place where new generations can live a better life, a clean life and a wonderful life ever. I wish that every Pinoy always remember this song “Masdan Mo ang Kapaligiran” sung by Asin.

“Wala ka bang napapansin sa iyong mga kapaligiran?
Kay dumi na ng hangin, pati na ang mga ilog natin.

Hindi na masama ang pag-unlad at malayu-layo na rin ang ating narrating,
ngunit masdan mo ang tubig sa dagat dati'y kulay asul ngayo'y naging itim
Ang mga duming ating ikinalat sa hangin sa langit huwag na nating paabutin
Upang kung tayo'y pumanaw man, sariwang hangin sa langit natin matitikman

Mayron lang akong hinihiling sa aking pagpanaw sana ay tag-ulan
Gitara ko ay aking dadalhin upang sa ulap na lang tayo magkantahan

May mga batang ngayon lang isinilang may hangin pa kayang matitikman?
may mga puno pa kaya silang aakyatin, may mga ilog pa kayang lalanguyan?

And this is also my concerns and questions to your blog, Does our new generations have a place for them to experience how wonderful our nature is, to breath clean air and experience clean environment?

Do they have trees to climb, a clean river to swim? I am glad and thankful that once in my life, I have experience how beautiful the nature of our world is and I wish my child and grandchildren in the future could also have those experiences too.