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Submitted by Kim Percival Sinchioco on

The reason why we don’t care much about global warming issue is most of us are innocent about the impacts it would bring to us. The government plays vital role for us to get through this global challenge, and we as an individual, it is our responsibility to support the government projects and programs. Part of the challenge is how will the government increase the awareness of people in an effective way? We observed a drastic increase in temperature as early as year 2000, but I don’t think we have taken enough action to address this matter. Change is part of the process, the world has been changing since day one of its existence. But that should not be an excuse doing nothing about it. Our safety, livelihood and future are in great risk. Local government has to be more strict this time implementing rules and policy with regards to waste management, regulation of GHG, and natural resources consumption. We have to discipline ourselves, I am definitely sure you would not want the time to come for Mother Nature to discipline us. While reading the WB report on climate change some questions and thoughts came up like, Is it really impossible to live an industrialize life without bringing detrimental effects to environment? Given the fact that emissions cause by human activities, in particular, the burning of fossil fuels, as are primary energy source are increasing the world's atmospheric concentrations of greenhouses gases. Secondly, when is the expected time for the climate policy reform to be aligned with its development plans and policies to reach its full effectiveness? We are running out of time and the effects seems to be very visible on this present day caused by our irresponsible action and lack of knowledge, hence it’s important to have a timeline and accurate forecasting about the development. Lastly, what are the actions being done to address the obstruction in regards with insufficient institutional capacity and planning tools complexity?

Overall, with all the conflicts about climate change, I am still delighted to know that the government is doing something to deal with climate change. One billion pesos as a fund for projects and program will surely move us forward reaching compromise if spent reasonably. We are all involved in this situation where in the only way out is unity, working hand in hand in making earth a better place to live for everyone.