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Submitted by Jean Chong on

Climate change has been around for quite some time. They say the reason behind it is the gases that are thinning the atmosphere of the polar caps. It is also preventing the heat to be released away from earth. It is sometimes said that the earth heating is a normal phenomenon as we are in the middle of the ice age cycle.

High emitting countries have addressed the issue 20 years ago. They tried to cut carbon emissions but they still persist. Nonetheless they have planned and try to foresee the problem and find a solution for it.

The Philippines is not much concerned with climate change in the past millennia. We didn’t really experience its adverse effects until recently. The country isn’t really one of the high emitting groups. Therefore it really was not a concern.

Now the calamities do happen and things needed to be implemented. It may be too late, lives have been lost. Trauma has been made. We try to solve the problem but it would need a couple of years to be more prepared. Before that time we need to bend and breach for our survival. All because we didn’t try to foresee it happening and didn't act or plan before it happened.