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Submitted by Sarah Abigail Cruz on

Global warming. Green house effect. Drastic climate change. Rising sea levels. Floods. Land Slides. Same old story. Everyone is aware of it. It’s one of the most tackled global issues that everyone is aware of. But no matter how much they raise awareness regarding the ongoing global crisis, very little effort has been made, especially in our country. Yes, there are numerous pro-nature campaigns, plans, projects that are being promoted by the government and non-profit organizations across the country, but why is it I’m seeing more and more grey pavements and shiny tall buildings and less green around us?
The answer: Discipline. Discipline is what majority of our country lacks and it all starts with the government. Our government lacks discipline. Mass majority of the politician that we elected who are all expected to set a good example just can’t stop playing dirty. How can all this plans and projects come to fruition when all this politicians just can’t practice discipline at all? How do they expect most of us to do what is right when they seem to have a hard time doing it?
Our environment and surroundings is a spitting image of our government’s current situation and sadly things are not turning well. All this plans of goodwill and going green will only take place when and if our government will pull their act together and as soon as that happens, everything will fall into place effortlessly. Going green will be no hard feat at all.