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Submitted by Sylvia Bermejo Austria on

The change in our climate is very apparent. Davao City has not been experiencing typhoon just like other places in the country. I suspect the gulf seem to cover the city from its harsh effects. I can remember that the nearest place from the city I knew battered by bad weather is Surigao area. The devastation that happened to Davao Oriental brought by typhoon Pablo is something I thought will not happen to the province of Davao. I heard on the news the sentiments aired by the employees of PAGASA regarding their hazard pay. I feel that they are one agency needed to be on the frontline with regards to our desire to bring down the awareness to the masses for a collective and comprehensive move to manage climate change.
Honestly I have strong apprehension regarding the confusion in organizational setup, budget source and appropriation, and apparent lack of clarity of roles of the agencies that are posing difficulty in monitoring and evaluations of the goals of CCC. I hope we will have a more determined will power to manage the preservation of our river banks and shorelines and relocate houses erected in those areas. The government is spending more in rehabilitation and damage expenditures to the residents in those areas because their eyes are more focused on the number of voters the areas represent that will affect their elected positions. A significant lower number of damaged properties and loss of lives will result if our river banks and shorelines are inhabited.