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Submitted by Andrea Beatrize M. Santos on

Global warming and climate change are alarming issues worldwide. Due to this, the current sea level is higher than it usually was. The ice caps in the Polar Regions are melting which had huge effects to the living creatures that inhabit that place. The typhoons in the Pacific are getting stronger. There are droughts and the weather is getting unpredictable.

In the Philippines, Filipinos are already used to being devastated by typhoons. That is why they are not physically or emotionally distressed by it. Since the Philippines is a third world country in its developing stage and Filipinos rely on aquaculture and agriculture, they are greatly affected in economic terms. But because the typhoons are getting stronger, the effects on them are larger. I believe that we, Filipinos, could easily adapt to this climate change if we stop being stubborn and do something about it.

Climate change cannot be stopped. It is already the effect of what humanity caused. It is the way of nature in adjusting to over pollution. To survive this crisis, the only thing we could do is to adapt. We should be ready on what possible things that will happen.

The Philippines is not included in the top list of major contributors to global warming and climate change but Filipinos are experiencing great impacts of disasters. Floods and landslides happen in many cities and provinces yet it is partially our own fault. Landslides happen because of deforestation. Floods happen because of the irresponsible disposing of garbage on the streets. I believe that Filipinos can cope up with climate change if everyone will be willing to take part on preventing the bad effects. It is not a one-man effort. We, Filipinos, should not blame the government for it.

I am very glad to know that the government is doing something about the effects of climate change. I agree that they should lead the Filipino people to the awareness about the climate change. There should be more projects on how flash floods and other disasters could be avoided if possible.

Mother Nature is a fearful opponent but Filipinos cannot be shaken that easily by climate change. Strong typhoons and other weather disturbances have been hitting the country more than once a year yet they can still keep a huge smile in their faces. Filipinos can adapt easily to the environment they have.