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I grew up in Bataan and never experienced any flood reaching inside our house which is located in a subdivision until typhoon Maring last August 17 this year. Although typhoon Ondoy way back 2011 also devastated our province and another one, “ Habagat” last year, I never realized we will be flooded as high as knee-deep inside and neck-deep outside our house. Power, as anticipated had been cut ,while water supply was scarce. Adrenaline rush overpowered the whole household to ensure the safety of our appliances and furniture.The only thing positive about the situation was the pre-approval of calamity loan in the office.
The impacts of climate change are a daily reality for 8 out of ten Filipinos, according to recent survey initiated by the World Bank. Those questioned said that they were personally feeling the effects of climate change, which are particularly pronounced across South East Asia.The Philippines is the third most vulnerable country in the world to extreme weather events, such as typhoons, floods, landslides and droughts.

Like what was written on the World Bank report, the government had initiated a lot of ways to be ready for every calamity . The President created Climate Change Act of 2009 which called for the formulation of National Framework Strategy on Climate Change.These are a part of National Climate Change Action Plan or NCCAP.He even started having a 1 billion PSF or People’s Survival Fund. On the local units, some mayors even implemented the “Earth Hour” (which encourages all establishments and homes to cut-off electric power in one hour all at the same time to encourage energy conservation which can lessen the effects of global warming. Others initiated the implementation of “no plastic” campaign and waste seggregation to recycle wastes and prevent clogging of sewage pipes to avoid the cause of floods.Also, illegal settlers are being transferred to government-owned housing projects.

Although the effectiveness of each result had been very slow as we still experience climate change devastations,we have to be more positive and united in role-modelling and advocating our campaign for “a sustainable life”- a life which is safe not only to the human specie but the whole race of living things as well. Let us be more disciplined and visionary as a people. The greenhouse effect is dawning on us too fast, almost at the same rate of the population increase. Hence, we should not stop or even slow down but rather, we must think more and act fast !!!

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