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Submitted by Sindhumati Mijares on

In addressing the climate change problem, not only the government should take action, but every Filipinos as well as all the stakeholders in the Philippines should partake in the needed action to lessen the effect of this phenomenon, this includes both local and foreign investors, expats and even tourists who visits the country, all of them should be well versed about our environmental campaign. Primarily, the government has the main role in pioneering and organizing a nationwide campaign, for ordinary citizen, there’s always a need for us to feel the upsurge and the affectivity of this campaign, not only in paper works and amended laws, which is always deemed as a non-functioning concept mostly to ordinary Filipinos who feels that legal matters are vaguely far away from their everyday lives.
Generally, the country’s laws particularly our environmental law should be culture specific in a sense that our law makers and government officials should consider the Filipino psychology in drafting laws and certain amendments for an effective adherence in the part of the Filipino people, policies should be easily grasp so the people can put them into practice, also one thing to ponder, Filipino people have issues when it comes to discipline and accepting guidance from authorities maybe because they distrust public officials or the government lost all its credibility and bearing due to corruption and various administrative issues, so normally the first phase of implementation will be the hardest because there will always be people who are used to the old ways that they do not want any reforms or changes even though their houses and neighbourhoods’ are being flooded from time to time, they will still violate laws and throw garbage anywhere and will blame the government for their misfortunes in time of great calamities, same with big corporations who keep on using red tapes and bribery to get away with their environmental responsibilities, it will be even harder for them to comply given that they are used to manipulate legal matters using their vast resources.
The problem of climate change in the Philippines is just one of the effects of the many unresolved internal conflicts in the Philippine society such as corruption, widespread poverty and social issues deeply rooted in our culture which until now remains unresolved, solving the problem of climate change should be continuous until the next 2 or 3 generation or even furthermore, it should penetrate every community, everyone from the government official to a simple grade schooler, everybody should take the necessary action and embody the needed discipline for the rest of our lives, along with this campaign is mobilizing every community, changing its ways and outlook on how important our environment is, revolutionizing our education system, resolving poverty issues and strictly reprimanding and penalizing government institutions from corrupting the public funds to safeguard every programs and projects which the people truly needs.
Lastly, I should say, that we have to keep our nationalism alive in our hearts, we have to love our country, we should be moved in every great leap forward and participate in every activity that will involve our nation. We should see ourselves as part of the progress and fulfil an active role to exercise our rights and responsibilities as a Filipino in its truest sense. Unity can lead us to progress.