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Submitted by Paul Song on

Historically, Filipinos have been adapting to the rapid change for the past century with regards to the weather. Typhoons build up during summer, warm climate on the rainy season, unexplainable flooding , etc. Our Government already took necessary precautionary measures. Including but not limited to, NGO's on standby to provide relief aid, AFP, Philippine Red Cross, PNP to name a few. The government sector already started to increase the height of our elevation of our roads and built flood gates and effective drainage systems.

But, regardless of these measures that has already took place. Calamities are still affecting our community. Is it because of the lack of manpower? Resources or equipment? Despite of all the efforts our society exerts, we were not able to fully prevent or at the very least, be able to cruise through a storm.

Several focus group discussions and root cause analysis has been made with regard to the issue at hand. Reforestation was already a practice but illegal logging is still an issue. Philippines is not a major green house gas (GHG) emitter. But, considering the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago surrounded by bodies of water. We are vulnerable to the impending change and effects of climate change. As per the World Bank report. Sea levels have been rising by 15-20 cm from pre-industrial levels with the rate nearly doubling from that of the past century. Hypothetically speaking. We will be able to adapt from the changing climate if the People’s Survival Fund (PSF) are being utilized to its purpose, not somewhere else. A moment to ponder..