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Submitted by Antonio Amoncio Jr. on

Good day!

Global Warming as we know it is inevitable. Climate change is already gaining on us. There's no one else to blame but all of us...well most of us. Prevention of Global Warming "may" be possible but the best thing that we could do now is to slow it down. The thing is, our government doesn't really prioritize the cleanliness of our environment. When I went to the United States, when you're caught by the cops throwing even a piece of plastic wrapper on the streets, you'll end up being reprimanded. Filipinos need to be disciplined the hard way. Most of the Filipinos are like children. They are very stubborn. In the US, citizens are "afraid" to disobey the law because the sanctions that are given once you break the law would make you think more than twice to break it. Here in the Philippines, people aren't afraid of cops because cops also break the law themselves and they could easily be bribed. Filipinos need to live in a more strict environment. As individuals, yes we may have done our jobs to be an essential part of the society but that is not enough. We ALL must move as one in order to save the humanity.

We aren't also the ones at fault. Our government is also to be blamed. The TAX we pay that should be used for the betterment of the society end up in the pockets of our corrupt leaders. I couldn't imagine how thick their faces are. Thinking that they money they use to build roofs over their heads, food to satisfy their cravings and hunger, fancy clothes to wear, luxurious cars that they don't even need came from hardworking Filipinos thinking that the TAX they pay would be used to make our country a better place to live in. I honestly despise our government. I'm disgusted on how they indulge themselves with money they didn't even work for.

If I'm given a chance to speak out loud to ALL the Filipinos, I would recommend a total government reboot wherein we are given a chance to elect leaders that are really meant to lead us all. No more campaigns to earn votes, no more fancy jingles and other ways of convincing others to vote them. There must be a monthly budget report to be shown to all of the Filipinos to see where our money is going, government officials MUST only receive the salaries they're supposed to receive. No more bonuses. No more PDAF. The reason why I'm focusing all my rants to the government is because they're capable of earning so much money that's enough to save our environment and to save those who were and will be affected by calamities. Yes we as ordinary people couldn't stop climate change but the government has the power to speak to the entire Filipino nation to inform us of what's to come if we continue with our current way of living. If Global Warming is already on its peak, we may be left extinct. Some of us may think that "hey what the heck, we won't be here to witness everything when it comes down". Don't forget about our future generations. They won't be able to enjoy what's yet to see.

I have read the WB report and it is said that there are departments that lack knowledge and staffs that are skilled on climate policy, financing and institutions.

It's actually great to hear that the government is trying to prepare us for climate change. The thing is, they could actually do more than what they're doing now. If they would put the money of the people in good use then everything else will go smoothly.