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Submitted by Maria Charisma Miranda on

Climate Change?

What we’re experiencing and happening to the Philippines is not merely in our country but all over the world. Earthquake, typhoons, floods, landslide, sinkholes and sea level rise are extreme events happening. Seasons changing from hot weather to cold weather vice versa, even its summer yet sometimes you experience rainfall. A little rain cause flood around Metro Manila. In provinces, if typhoon strike affected area would declare State of Calamity since infrastructure are broke down, crops and livelihood of the people are affected and damage. In news, if the weather forecast say a strong storm is coming we could feel the fears on what would this one bring to us like the previous Ondoy, Pedring, and Sendong etc. The good thing is people become aware and prepared.

It’s a good thing were taking part in the climate change issue. With the Climate Change Commission (CCC) goals and concept such as leading climate policy making and coordinating, monitoring and evaluation climate programs and action plans. But because of its wide area of responsibilities the CCC has not been able to divert enough resources to administer for the immediate action on climate change. According to the World Bank is that the CCC jointly responsible for several task with other agencies yet its effectiveness is limited by the lack of clear or formalized roles and relationships. And what is crucial is they might have all the methods or resources but its limited and theirs also limitation to each party. That’s why they have to clarify the relationship to ensure effective implementation.

One of the factors of climate change is the green gas emission. Although our country don’t have the biggest emission production yet we are participating to help. But is the Philippines ready to contribute to reduce global warming without affecting our goal to rise up in the industries and one of the developing country. If only greater effort is enforce in cutting down greenhouse gas emission especially in rich countries but cannot totally reduce it’s since their industries and economic growth will suffer. It’s hard to say because sometimes they are doing it in the name of development and prosperity but result in an opposite perspective that harm and affect Mother Nature.

Having enough knowledge and awareness we can address the issue of climate change. The need to participate would serve as a guide to understand the basic concepts and ideas, the cause and effect, relationships and human nature. And for the government, it’s all about leadership to develop a core capabilities to talk, to plan, to evaluate and strong implementation for a long term development.

Human intervention is never too late as long as we take part with it and help.